Green Tea, Health Benefits, Research and Facts

You must have heard a lot about green tea, benefits associated with its usage and experiences of those who have used it! However, today, we are here to discuss each and every bit about green tea, health benefits it delivers, facts about it and more importantly, what research says about it! 

Indigenous to India and China, the consumption of green tea is common all across the world. Green tea is highly acclaimed for the nutritional benefits, linked with it. Even though, the significance of this plant is very much high in almost all the countries, however, it is gaining more and more importance in the United States.

Green TeaWhen it comes to beverages, tea is said to be the second most consumed after water. top diet pill for women 2017 Though, 20% of which is taken as green. Tea is produced from the leaf buds and leaves of Camellia sinensis bush. To what degree the leaves of camellia sinesis bush are oxidized is something that settles the kind of tea!

However, when it comes to green tea, the kind is simply brewed from un-oxidized leaves which make it the least processed tea and thereby, more advantageous amongst all.

Rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, green tea greatly assists to perk up our health.

In the older times, the extracts of green tea were used in the making of conventional drugs. These drugs were aimed to heal injuries, improve digestive, mental and cardiovascular health. According to research, green tea can play a vital role in dealing with a number of medical conditions.

Examples include, alzheimer’s disease, liver disorders, type 2 diabetes and even weight gain!

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Green tea is believed to help our body in a number of ways. However, before you believe any of the below mentioned benefit to be definite, you need to know that more and more research work needs to be done to come up to a more precise conclusion.


drink green tea for weight loss

It is widely believed that green tea can assist in preventing and treating cancer. Interestingly, a study conducted on animals ended up with some astonishing findings, revealing that the content has helped in reducing the growth of tumor.

Besides, it has been observed that countries, wherein the intake of green tea is more, the ratio of cancer is reported to be low.

Though, considering the observation, we cannot settle on green tea to play a role in its prevention. Possibilities of other preventive factors do tend to exist such as healthy eating habits, good lifestyle, etc.

A clinical trial was conducted in the recent times that observed the health of two groups, one on green tea (Group A) and the other was non-drinkers (Group B). Researchers found that the participants in group A have fewer chances of developing pancreatic cancer as compared to the non-drinkers.

Research also suggests that the consumption of green tea can lower the chances of developing bladder, lung, skin and breast cancer to some point.

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Basically, green tea tends to be rich in polyphenols which is said to aid in destroying cancerous cells. It is also believed that it’s polyphenols that prevents the further growth of cancerous cells. Where there are studies that show a positive impact on cancer prevention, there are studies that showed no effect or positive result on its prevention.

Few years back, FDA quoted that whether or not green tea plays a role in preventing the growth of cancerous cells, or destroying them is unknown till date. More research work needs to be done to come up with a more definite conclusion. By now, the claims lack credible evidence.

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A study conducted in 2016 found that the usage of green tea can improve cardiovascular health. Basically, the study took a sample of 40,000 people who were asked to drink 5 cups of green tea a day, for 11 years.

It was observed that the consumption of green tea reduced the chances of dying in the participants (probably due to cardiovascular health), more than those who took a single cup every day. Green tea has catechins, which is believed to improve the health of heart.


green tea for low cholestrolAccording to some studies conducted in the recent years, the usage of green tea can help in lowering the total cholesterol, as well as LDL cholesterol in the body.

Based on clinical trials, researchers revealed that taking 10 cups of green tea a day can impact your total cholesterol level.

They further revealed that taking 4 cups or even less than that would have no impact on your cholesterol levels.

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Interestingly, research says that the regular consumption of green tea can lower the chances of stroke to a considerable level. You should see Dbol for faster gain in muscle.


several studies have been conducted to determine the effects of green tea on diabetes. Unfortunately, the results have always come mixed. Where there are studies that suggest that people who take green tea are least likely to face type 2 diabetes, there are studies that show no effect of the tea on diabetes.

Thus, whether or not green tea lowers your chances of developing type 2 diabetes, cannot be said at the moment. The need for more concrete and quality research tends to exist.


green tea for weight loss

Green tea is widely linked with weight loss. It is considered to aid in reducing weight. For this very reason, the extracts of green tea are commonly used in the formulation of many weight loss supplements.

Basically, it contains a stimulant called caffeine, which is studied to speed up the fat burning process. Caffeine is also studied to expedite a slow, metabolism.

Even though, it has proven to aid in weight loss, however, the results are too minor or insignificant enough to be considered.

There are studies that show green tea to aid in preventing stress, dental cavities, tooth decay etc. Besides, research suggests that the drink can help in treating arthritis simply by easing its symptoms.

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Research found that green tea can be used as a treatment agent for certain skin disorders like psoriasis. Several studies have been conducted on animals that were used as the sample for inflammatory skin diseases. Those treated with green tea were noticed an improvement in the skin.


According to the research, green tea can boost your cognitive functions, especially your memory. Green tea has a compound called CAGTE which has proven to defend the cells from the harmful effects of a protein in Alzheimer’s disease. On the behalf of its results, researchers believe that green tea has the potential to lower the chances of Alzheimer’s disease.

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So, these are some known benefits of taking green tea. Then again, considering these benefits to be guaranteed is not right at this point for more and more research work needs to be done to reach a definite conclusion about its efficacy and health benefits.


health benefits of green tea


Since it is the healthiest of beverages nature has to offer mankind, thereby, the chances of nasty effects from the consumption of green tea are next to nil. Though, as mentioned earlier, it contains caffeine which is known to be an active allergen. Thus, if you are sensitive to this content, then it is advice to use green tea in moderation. Potential side effects from caffeine sensitivity are sleeping difficulties, nausea, irritability and even diarrhea.

The usage of green tea should be avoided if you are using stimulant medications. This can raise your heart beat and blood pressure.

There are a number of dietary supplements that contain the extracts of green tea, however, these supplements also include certain active ingredients which may cause nasty effects, in case of contracting with drugs and herbs. Majority of these do not meet the safety standards and tend to be unapproved by Food and Drug Administration.

Green Tea BagsAt times, supplements like these include synthetic and addicting ingredients which make your ‘green tea’ experience worst. Such supplements are more likely to cause side effects and are normally, unsafe to use. Thus, it is strictly advice to consult your doctor before you settle on to use any kind of dietary supplement or herb. Plus, do not forget to verify that the product is regulated by FDA.

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Dietary supplements are not meant for breastfeeding and expected women. Besides, people with hypertension, cardiac diseases, stomach ulcers, liver or kidney diseases must also avoid the usage of green tea extracts or supplements that include green tea extracts.

Due to a plethora of health benefits associated with green tea, the consumption of green tea is becoming more and more common in the world. It has been hailed since centuries and had been a part of conventional medicines.

Despite all the rumored, or well researched benefits of green tea, too much of its consumption can cause harm. Yes, taking it in abundance can cause you health problems, thus, the usage of green tea should be stick to a moderate level.

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The skin cells you see on the surface today are your oldest skin cells, dying or dead skin cells, and because we are constantly producing new skin cells under the surface of our skin, (which eventually move to the surface), we are constantly shedding dead skin cells off the surface of our skin. Right now if you go and look into the mirror you will have, on average, 8/10 layers of dead skin cells built up on the surface of your skin. (Dead skin cell build up is responsible for many skin problems but we will discuss that later). Let’s use an example, what happens when you cut your hand, does your body build new skin over top of the cut? No the body starts to repair the skin from the bottom of the cut to the top.

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